tinfoil hat Florie Freshman original song

not funny.
SAR=specific absorption rate=?Synthetic Apeture Radar=?cookin' us! in 1951 the newly invented microwave oven was tested on dogs who then had cataracts and testicular degeneration. later these dog(s) were used for their organs to test cooking levels of diff. kinds of tissue, also using monkeys, rabbits, pigs, rats and mice. And since microwaves do not show a burn, but heats invisibly from the inside out boiling oil and water of which were made up of. the levels are measured in Watts per kilogram of tissue: dead meat, skin, fat, organs, etc. The FDA was in charge (chaaarge!) (got a charge, colloquial) and somehow in the later 50's this plastic head was invented to represent a living human brain tissue density called SAM or specific anthropomorphic mannekin based on a 220-lb male shape, with a probe to measure heat...radiation from a cellphone in a sterile lab with no interference, if the fluid in the head didnt heat up more than one degree in six minutes of exposure then it was deemed safe for all wireless industry and covert treasonous plots to blind and cook the US and disabled our young within the womb, and now with body-part harvesting, in the womb. this may include Lidar=laser=radar on driverless car scam. I was blinded temporarily in May 2017 while at a long red light with one on my right.