• Fix HTC one S: jelly bean calendar debug

    Some owners of HTC devices may have had little joy after the update on Huawei Ascend P7 jelly bean. Because suddenly the process “android.process.acore” crashed constantly.

    Also, a complete new restart of the system helps only for a short time. The reason for the problem is a calendar bug in the jelly bean system from HTC. One has a contact with a birthday in the contact list on February 29 of a leap year, the called service just failed his service.


    Some affected users report that the problem can be fixed by setting the date of the Smartphone until 2012 and then again on 2013. That doesn’t help also remains so only to delete the birthday of affected persons from the contacts app.

    S seem generally in addition to the one the one X and the one X + the problem affected have been. Meanwhile, there is an OTA update but for all three devices. Who has therefore involved update in recent weeks, should keep your eyes open for system updates.

  • Huawei Ascend P7: We review the PANORAMIC SELFIE smartphone

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    Review Last year Huawei crept into the No 3 spot for smartphone sales worldwide without anyone really noticing. At least not here, where Chinese giant is known (if it’s known for anything) for its networking equipment. But with the Ascend P7, it raises its game in two ways.

    It’s Huawei’s first 4G phone, and it’s by far the most attractive, eye-catching POMP C6S MTK6592 design we’ve seen from a Chinese vendor.

    Not that last year’s model, the P6, was too shabby. It was slim – the slimmest on the market – nicely designed and good value. This one is incredibly slim and even more nicely designed.

    This is a remarkably slender (6.5mm), light and thin 5-inch full HD Android (it weighs just 124g) that boasts a quality display, quadcore CPU and a 2500mAh battery.

    It’s expandable with a microSD Card. The one unique hardware twist the P7 offers is that the microSD card slot doubles up as a second SIM card slot, using the same tray. Clever, or what? Not quite so unique, but still unusual, is the 8MP front-facing camera – a generous spec for selfies.

    What the P7 doesn’t have is one of the wow features – or the price tag – of 2014’s year’s best luxury phones, the HTC One M8 and LG G3 for example. So, there’s nothing here equivalent to a Quad-HD screen or laser autofocus as on the LG, or the M8’s remarkably nice aluminium unibody or its distinctive BoomSound speakers, or Sony’s waterproofing design.

    Where the P7 might appeal is that it offers really good value – it’s around £200 cheaper than the flagships from Samsung, Sony, LG or HTC.

    First the design.

    First impressions are positive. The Ascend P7 resembles a taller and slimmer iPhone 4S, with its flat glass back and chamfered metal edge. Huawei has used a seven-layer process to create an optical trick with your depth perception, so depending on how you hold it, you see different textures beneath the glass.

    The full HD 1080×1920 display is excellent and the bezels are narrower, Hongmi Note less than 3mm, than the iPhone or Galaxy, so more of the front is given over to the display. The pin sharp 445ppi IPS display looks excellent and holds up well outdoors.